The first victim

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My new Wii claimed its first victim.

Frenchy and I were playing Wii Sports tennis when the excitement got too much and a particularly aggressive backhand caught my poor pal in the nose. Cue a painful nosebleed and a fit of laughter from both of us.



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Having waited since October last year I finally have my Wii. They’re still as good as unavailable in the UK but I managed to get one on eBay from Germany. Even that was a hassle as the item shipped before the Easter public holiday and was delayed for two weeks. The good news is that it’s here now.

I had it delivered to the CacheLogic office for Mark to pick up, and we set it up in his front room. Like a good pair of internet nerds we made sure our first action was to connect it to the network and download the latest firmware! With that done, and with Mark’s girlfriend Nat off to visit some friends, we settled down for some arm-waving action.

Three hours later I glanced at my watch and did a double take. I couldn’t believe we’d been playing for so long. Shades of the Great GoldenEye Gaming Marathon of 1998!

A massive, massive amount of fun!


A year on

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Today marks the first anniversary of my employment at CacheLogic. There isn’t really very much to say other than I’ve really enjoyed working there and that it’s an exciting time for the company at the moment with some big things in the pipeline.

Today also sees the release of a major patch to the online game I’m playing at the moment, City of Heroes. Yesterday I found out I had earned an unexpected fifteen minutes of fame thanks to a screenshot I submitted which was eventually used by the publisher in a profile of one of the game’s villain groups. My character, Catpain Ruffles, is pictured on page two of the linked article.

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