eBay scam

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Today I was the target of my first eBay scam.



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I decided to note the number of times I was interrupted in my work today. It’s probably representative of a regular day though it felt as though there were unusually long periods where I was left alone. Unfortunately I was too furious with my boss to work productively during that time…

0928 Tina
Wanted to know how to remap network drives in Windows, as we are renaming our fileserver to "fileserver" so we can change the actual machine and update DNS.

1151 Bob
Asked that support requests for our new product be moved from the regular support queue to the NOC queue. Explained that later the NOC queue would be removed and the NOC guys would handle all queues.

1152 Tony
Wanted to know if an iPaq sync could sync with our Exchange server using Outlook Mobile Access. I told him I didn’t know but other mobile devices have been tested and do work.

1201 Tony
Wanted to know the server details to connect with Exchange.

1206 Bob
Asked when I might be free to train the NOC guys on our internal network infrastructure.

1208 Bob
Asked how to book a meeting with the NOC guys and myself.

1211 Tony
Complained that the iPaq to Exchange sync didn’t work.

1215 Bob
Couldn’t find one of the NOC engineers in Active Directory and hence couldn’t add him to the meeting.

1341 Bob
Had found the missing NOC engineer (it didn’t take him all that time; I was at lunch) and spotted that his username was wrong, hence the inability to join the meeting.

1416 Helen
Wanted a reminder on how to see which users were listed in a given email alias.

1420 Andy
Wanted some chocolate.

1445 Tony
Had an e-book he thought I might be interested in. I was.

1459 Richard
Asked if we had built the hardware for an important customer order. We had.

1527 Andy
Asked if it would be a good idea to write customer-facing release notes, ie ones which hid all the details about bugs we fixed and spoke in glowing terms about the features we added. I said it would. He said they definitely wouldn’t do that then!

Actually Andy interrupted me again during the day but I told him I wouldn’t add it to the list if he answered some questions about an open ticket. Thanks to his help we resolved the issue. Hurrah.

1645 Bob
Reminded me I had promised to move a machine from the build bench to where I found it (on the floor underneath the build bench) by the end of today.

1728 Bob
Had a final task to delegate before going away on holiday next week. I need to order some phone lines into two remote POPs. I love dealing with foreign telcos…

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