My QNAP took a dump

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There I was minding my own business when my iMac suddenly complained that it had lost my home directory. At about the same time I began to hear an ominous clicking sound from the direction of my QNAP. After a few minutes this went away and was replaced by a loud beep. At that point the Mac popped back to life and I was able to ssh to the QNAP.

Rut roh! Looks like one of the disks in my RAID1 has croaked.

    SCSI error : <0 0 0 0> return code = 0x8000002
    sda: Current: sense key=0x3
        ASC=0x0 ASCQ=0x0
    Info fld=0xcbd60ed
    end_request: I/O error, dev sda, sector 213737708

    md: unbind
    md: export_rdev(sda1)
    raid1: Disk failure on sda4, disabling device. 
    	Operation continuing on 1 devices
    RAID1 conf printout:
     --- wd:1 rd:2
     disk 0, wo:0, o:1, dev:sdb4
     disk 1, wo:1, o:0, dev:sda4

QNAP’s website says they will replace faulty kit free of charge so I hope to be back up and running properly again soon.


  1. My replacement disk arrived. Not from QNAP, who said I should contact Samsung direct. Not even from Samsung, whose UK service agent requires receipt of the defective drive before shipping a new one. I had ordered from Dabs just in case there was any delay.

    Good idea.

    The replacement slotted straight in. The TS-209 Pro supports hot swapping disks so all I had to do was pop out the old and stick the new one in. The array began background rebuilding immediately.

    Comment by iain — 2008-06-04 @ 22:39:39

  2. My RMA drive arrived today. I’ll keep it safe in case of further trouble with the QNAP.

    Comment by iain — 2008-06-19 @ 11:01:45

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