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My copy of Leopard Server arrived.

Very briefly, because it’s getting late, because I’ve been enjoying a rather nice Rioja and because the one thing I really really wanted to get working – iCal Server – hasn’t been working, here are some thoughts.


Apple have obsoleted NetInfo, which breaks my cfengine configuration and invalidates most of what you’ve read on these pages. And it broke my groups with the knock-on effect of breaking sudo.

The calendar server refuses to run because it can’t find an entry under /Computers in DirectoryService for my server’s FQDN. How one goes about creating this entry I don’t know. Well that’s not strictly true. I’ve figured out that one would go about creating an entry in LDAP with apple-serviceinfo set to the FQDN. But presumably this should have happened automatically but hasn’t because my server is apparently in advanced mode instead of workgroup or master mode. More investigation is needed to find out what to do about this.

Yes, it’s pretty. I spent several seconds admiring the reflections in the dock. That is, while I was logged in as the local admin user. Because the installer decided to remove my LDAP binding so I couldn’t log in as me. Then when I added it back I still couldn’t log in as me. I deleted and re-added my directory and then it worked. I’m not sure why.

I haven’t tried Time Machine yet.

NFS still worked. In fact it may be the one thing which survived the upgrade unscathed. Indeed I took advantage of the fact that I was exporting the filesystem to my local subnet to modify my sudoers file.

Apple’s X11 implementation still sucks. I was hoping they’d have done something about it. Of course I had no reason to suppose they would but that didn’t stop me hoping. But no, applications still stop responding for no reason whatsoever and the X server needs to be killed. Ho hum.

My Bluetooth keyboard stopped working. Or, more correctly, the Bluetooth radio on the iMac was stopped. Which meant I had to find and connect a USB keyboard in order to log in and turn the radio back on. VNC didn’t work because Apple installed its own VNC server which trashed the one I’d been using. Fun.

And that’s about it. Most of my time has been spent messing with the calendar server so I haven’t looked at much. More comments over the next few days…

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