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I’ve been a happy Slackware user for many years but recently I’ve been thinking about making the switch to Red Hat (probably in the form of Fedora) for my home machines.

Slackware is my favourite Linux distribution and Red Hat has its annoyances but the reasons to use it are becoming quite compelling. My last three jobs have involved using Red Hat in one form or another and at Siemens I was even referred to as a "Red Hat expert" (shudder) so having the same kit at home as at work is tempting.

If I made the switch I would effectively be coming full circle. Back in my student days I had a Slackware desktop and I switched to Red Hat 6 because I felt like spending all my time compiling packages was unnecessary effort.

Note to young ‘uns: that’s Red Hat 6, not Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6. Now vacate the grassy area at the exterior of my residence.

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