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Last night I had dinner at the Curry House in Cambridge. Now I know a thing or two about getting a decent curry, having studied in Birmingham and gone to work in Manchester. There are lots and lots of places to get a bad curry but outside of those cities there aren’t so many places to get a good one. With a name like Curry House you would be forgiven for thinking that the restaurant in question would be just another mediocre Indian. In fact it’s an excellent little place and I always enjoy my visits there.

Another subject I know a thing or two about is customer service. It’s very easy to knock what passes for customer service in the UK, especially if you’ve lived overseas as I have. It’s true that we Brits don’t tend to go in for the whole "the customer is always right" thing, preferring instead to believe that the customer is always a dollop of maggot-infested faeces at the bottom of the shop’s litter bins, and must be shooed away lest his mere presence infect us with his filth and cause us to have to do some work.

Well, at the Curry House I was greeted – by the guy whom I always refer to as the Cool Old Guy, not knowing his actual name – with a shake of the hand and the observation that it had been a while, as indeed it had. And when it came time to order drinks he correctly announced what I would be drinking before I had the chance.

As usual the fare was excellent and the service polite and efficient. A pleasing, if by now unsurprising, change from the ordinary.

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