Master of the understated exit

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Yesterday was my last day at CacheLogic. I had a good offer from Siemens Business Services and I will start there next week.

I like to get on with things with a minimum of fuss – I believe the buzzword-compliant term for this is I have a “no bullshit policy” – so it was good to be able to get through my final day without too much drama.

I was saved from people coming over to wish me good riddance by HR, who declined to send a formal announcement of my resignation. I didn’t have to bear the embarrassment of reading aloud a farewell card to gathered colleagues because the company didn’t organise one. And I would have been uncomfortable if they had insisted on collecting money for a gift.

I was concerned that my timely departure from the office would be interrupted by an exit interview; luckily that didn’t happen. Most important of all I was spared what might have been a tearful goodbye as I reflected on eighteen months of hard work and dedication. Realising how emotional I would have become, the company decided against shaking my hand and seeing me to the door.

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